Conference Information

The 2023 Annual Conference will be held at the Renaissance Nashville from October 25 - 29. This Conference was originally contracted to occur in October 2020 but was re-scheduled due to COVID-19, which shifted the typical conference date pattern.

Statement from the Board Regarding Political Situation in Nashville

We are aware of the complex political environment in Nashville, Tennessee and have thoughts on how we can engage in this setting. For those who may not know, the state of Tennessee has passed a series of bills that discriminate against the LGBTQIA+ community, including SB 126 (HB 1027) – a bill that unnecessarily regulates life-saving, best practice medical care for transgender youth., HB 1182 (SB 1224), a business bathroom bill that requires businesses that don’t actively prevent transgender people from using the restroom consistent with their gender identity to post a sign warning that transgender people might be inside; SB 228, an anti-transgender sports ban; SB 1229, a sweeping anti-LGBTQ education bill; and HB 1233, an anti-transgender student bathroom bill that denies transgender students access to the bathroom and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity and makes schools liable if a student believes they have shared a sex-segregated space – bathrooms, locker rooms or other changing facility – with a transgender student.

As a result, some states have placed state-funded travel restrictions on state employees.

These actions, of course, while specific to Tennessee, may raise the question: Why is AUCCCD holding a conference in a setting that has enacted (and may continue to enact) laws contrary to our commitment to LGBTQIA+ rights? READ ENTIRE STATEMENT

Important Dates

2023 AUCCCD Annual Conference Important Dates

Dates subject to change

March 27: Call for Proposals Open
April 30: Call for Proposals Close
May 15: Early Registration & Hotel Reservations Open
September 8: Early Registration Ends (Registration prices increase after this date)
September 29: Hotel Reservation Cut-Off Date
October 25: Pre-conference & Opening Reception
October 26 - 29: Annual Conference

Conference Benefits

How can my attendance at the Conference benefit me professionally as well as my college/university?

Attendance at the conference can help accomplish the following:

  • Facilitate and support diversity, multi-culturalism and social justice on campus
  • Learn risk management strategies and legal and ethical guidelines to minimize the university's legal exposure
  • Learn threat assessment information to help your university reduce the risk of violence on campus
  • Save money by learning to manage the counseling service in a cost efficient and time efficient manner
  • Better support the academic mission of the institution by training faculty and staff in responding and referring troubled and troubling students
  • Support and develop learning goals and learning outcomes
  • Contribute to retention of students
  • Learn national standards of practice in the field
  • Recruit, attract and retain the best and most diverse staff possible
  • Learn about training practices and standards for practicum, and internships
  • Learn to reduce the risk of suicide and other acts of violence by students
  • Reduce the likelihood of tragic events such as violence, sexual assault, alcohol poisoning and drug overdose that bring negative publicity to the institution
  • Create and maintain successful group therapy programs that allow you to serve more students
  • Develop leadership, administrative and management skills that are not part graduate training
  • Learn about accreditation from the International Association of Counseling Services, the primary accreditation organization for collegiate counseling services
  • Support internationalization on your campus
  • Learn how to provide consultation and outreach services
  • Learn about recent research regarding counseling centers and their work
  • Develop effective strategies for responding to crises, emergencies, and disaster situations
  • Learn about models and methods of triage, intake and clinical flow
  • Understand the use of technology in counseling services
  • Develop strategies to get grants and external funding for counseling services
  • Receive continuing education credits at relatively inexpensive cost to maintain professional licensure.


Download the Conference Attendance Justification Letter Template

  2023 Conference Committee


Conference Liaison to the Board of Directors:


Thank you to the volunteer committee and program review members for their dedication to AUCCCD! If you would like to join the conference committee for this year or future years, please contact [email protected]


AUCCCD is committed to inclusive excellence, social justice, civility, and collegiality.  This commitment is paramount during the conference planning process when states are being considered as conference sites have passed or have pending legislation and statutes that disempower marginalized groups.  There may also be financial barriers for members whose home state do not fund travel to states with marginalizing legislation.

The AUCCCD Governing Board has deliberated on this topic at length and has reached the conclusion that AUCCCD more effectively achieves our organizational mission by not cancelling its annual conference in such locations and while there, engaging in acts of social justice, advocacy, and awareness raising.  Engaging in such onsite activities educates membership on ways to challenge such legislation in their own states.  The AUCCCD Governing Board desires to stand with local colleagues to do the work of the organization when the opportunity arises rather than engaging in social justice from a distance.

Future Conferences

2023 - Nashville, TN | Renaissance Nashville | October 25 - 29
2024 - Phoenix, AZ | Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass | October 12 - 16

Thank you to our 2023 Conference Sponsors!

For information regarding the 2023 Annual AUCCCD Conference in Nashville, TN, please view our Sponsorship Packages or contact the AUCCCD Office - [email protected].












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