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Mission Statement

We are a professional community that fosters director development and success.  To advance the mission of higher education, we innovate, educate and advocate for collegiate mental health.  We are committed to inclusive excellence and the promotion of social justice.


We will begin accepting membership renewals and new applications on April 1, 2019.  

Need to update your account? If your University or College is already a member, and you need to update the member representative, please complete the Membership Application and email to the AUCCCD Office.

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Job Board

Job postings to the AUCCCD Job Board are complimentary to members. To post a job, simply email the AUCCCD Office a PDF of the job listing.

The intent of this resource is to allow members of AUCCCD to post job openings at their institutions. While only members may post, anyone may view the position listings. Members are restricted to posts at their institution only, and all members who post here agree to adhere to our Electronic Resource Guidelines.

AUCCCD Job Board

Colleague Support Fund

The Colleague Support Fund is designed to provide a means whereby member centers and their staff can support one another in times of natural disaster, significant crisis, or other events that tax the energy and resources of counseling center staff members.

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