Lifetime Achievement Awards

AUCCCD Lifetime Achievement Awards

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the AUCCCD Lifetime Achievement Award are requested to recognize and honor AUCCCD members who have provided outstanding service to AUCCCD and exemplary leadership in the field of College and University Counseling Centers. Eligibility and selection criteria are listed below.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Currently a member or emeritus member of AUCCCD.
  2. Length of service as director/member (10 or more years)
  3. Selection Guidelines
  4. Identified more with Counseling Center rather than other university roles
  5. Influence on the field of Counseling Center work via publications, presentations, etc.
  6. Service to AUCCCD:
    1. Leadership on Governing Board
    2. Leadership role for AUCCCD conferences
    3. Mentoring/role model for colleagues
    4. Participation on programs
    5. Leadership of committee or establishing a new direction for AUCCCD
  7. Other related activities benefiting AUCCCD (e.g., leadership pertaining to Counseling Centers through the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, American College Personnel Association, American College Health Association, International Association of Counseling Services, accreditation site visitor, and/or service on editorial boards of relevant journals).
  8. Distinction as a Counseling Center director
  9. Participation in organizations at the national level
  10. Manifests a high level of professional integrity and ethical sensibility

To nominate a candidate for the award, send a letter of nomination, a resume/vita of the nominee, and at least two supporting letters from individuals who have knowledge of the nominee with respect to the selection guidelines. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Complete nominations should be received by June 30. Individuals making the nominations are responsible for assembling the nomination items and forwarding them by the deadline date.

Past Recipients


  • Harry Rockland Miller, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Terry Mason, Iowa State University


  • Bob Rando,Wright State University


  • Anika Fields, Florida A&M University
  • Jeff Prince, UC Berkeley
  • Todd Sevig, University of Michigan


  • Theresa DiNuzzo, University of North Florida
  • Mark Thompson, Colgate University


  • Christopher Flynn, Virginia Tech


  • Ian Birky, Lehigh University
  • Greg Eells, Cornell University
  • Emil Rodolfa, UC Davis


  • Allan J. Schwartz, University of Rochester
  • Dan Jones, Appalachian State University


  • Kathy Hollingsworth
  • Jeff Pollard
  • Greg Snodgrass


  • Martha Christiansen
  • Don Rosen
  • Don Paulson


  • Maggie (Olona) Gartner
  • Jim Spivak


  • Jaquie Resnick
  • Steve Brown


  • Charles Davidshofer
  • Kathy Hotelling
  • Thomas A. Seals, Jr.


  • Ken Garni
  • Doug Lamb


  • John Bishop
  • Judy Mack
  • Gerald Stone


  • Vivian Boyd
  • Dennis Heitzmann
  • Louise Douce


  • Bob Gallagher
  • Jim Clack
  • Wade Birch


  • Dave Drum
  • Tom Magoon
  • Wes Morrill