2023 Board of Directors Election


This year we have an election for a President-Elect, Treasurer and 3 Governing Board members (3-year terms). The newly elected individuals will assume their roles on Saturday October 28th with a meeting of introductions to the Board and discussions of committee interests. Please note, we will also be asking you to vote on the adoption of bylaws amendments. View major amendment change summary.

Candidates for the AUCCCD President-Elect

  1. Lynn A. Braun, M.A., SUNY Oswego | Candidate StatementVita
  2. Chetan Joshi, Ph.D., University of Maryland | Candidate StatementVita

Candidates for the AUCCCD Treasurer

  1. Erica Pearson, Kalamazoo College | Candidate StatementVita

Candidates for the AUCCCD Governing Board

  1. Lynn Braun, MA, SUNY Oswego | Candidate StatementVita
  2. Chetan Joshi, Ph.D., University of Maryland | Candidate StatementVita
  3. Allsun Ozyesil, LHMC, NCC, Alfred University | Candidate StatementVita
  4. Renee Rosado, Psy.D., LMHC, American International College | Candidate StatementVita
  5. Meagan Ruffing, MS, LAC, LAMFT, Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) | Candidate StatementVita
  6. Richard Shadick, Ph.D., Pace University - NYC | Candidate StatementVita
  7. Scott Strader, Ph.D., University of South Florida - Tampa | Candidate Statement, VitaNomination Letter
  8. Eric Wood, Ph.D., LPC, Texas Christian University | Candidate StatementVita

Being on the AUCCCD Board is an excellent way to assist in leading the organization and to help the association continue on its path as the leaders for college student mental health. The work of Board members includes 2 days of meetings before the annual conference, a mid-year meeting in the Spring that often coincides with other national conferences, board conference calls a few times per year and serving on 2-3 committees. All expenses associated with Board work and responsibilities are covered by AUCCCD.

For our association to continue to thrive, it is imperative that the Board is reflective of the entire membership. This means you are qualified to run! There is no minimum years of experience required to serve on the Board. The Board needs directors from all professional backgrounds, school sizes, personal backgrounds and characteristics. As we all learn to navigate this new world and continue to implement unique college mental health services models, with social justice front of mind, all voices should be represented on the Board. Members who want to contribute, learn, work and have some fun would make excellent Board members! We welcome the opportunity to address any questions you have about serving on this dynamic Board. 

Nominees for President-elect must have previously served on the Board.  The role of president is a 4-year term (president-elect for one year, president for 2 years, past-president for one year).

How to review the amendments: We have grouped many of the major changes in the list below.  Additionally, we made changes that reflect how our organization currently operates and removed archaic language that no longer exists in today's lexicon (ex. telegraph/fax).   We have also included an attachment, linked below, for you to review the text changes (reflected in red text or highlights) and strikethroughs.  

Major Recommended Amendments

Amendment #1
Remove all gender specific pronouns throughout the document and replace with gender neutral pronouns.
Justification: The use of Chairman, he/she and other pronouns are unnecessary.  We will replace Chairman with “Chair” and any gender specific pronoun to “them”.

Amendment #2
Update the Emeritus members to 10 years as a director.  Add a subgroup called “Former Directors” who must have 5 years of experience as a director.  
Justification:  Requested by the Emeritus Group and approved by Board in 2022.

Amendment #3
Added “written ballots” as a method of voting.
Justification: To be inclusionary of technology and accessibility concerns.

Amendment #4
Decrease quorum requirement from ⅓ to ¼ for member votes.
Justification: Quorum has historically been very hard to meet.  We reviewed other organizations' quorums and 25% seems to be a standard.

Amendment #5
The treasurer should be an elected position, not an appointed position as it currently reads.
Justification: The treasurer is responsible for overseeing and managing member dues and other organizational funds so they should be elected by the membership at large.

Amendment #6
Add Survey Coordinator to the list of non-voting board members.
Justification: This is already done in practice, so we should make it official.

Amendment #7
Appointment of runner-up board member if a board seat is vacated.  If that person cannot serve, the board will appoint someone from the general membership.  If there is less than 6 months left of the term, the Board will use its discretion on whether or not to fill the seat.
Justification: With the rash of recent board vacancies, the task force felt this would be an efficient way to back fill open positions.  

Amendment #8
The term of Secretary will be 3 years, but since this is an appointed position by the President/Board, a new President can select a new Secretary if they so choose.  The Secretary can serve up to 2 consecutive terms.  
Justification: A president should have the ability to appoint their own secretary if they do not want the work with the one selected by their predecessor.  


Questions? Contact the AUCCCD Office.